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ViViD Relapse is a mind-bending platformer that follows the plight of Burt; a troubled man who tries his best to live and cope with disease, both mental and physical. While many similar games have a tendency to focus on external evils, with ViViD, we hope to explore something much more personal; a certain kind of powerlessness that couldn't ever really come from anywhere but within.

ViViD Relapse is being released under a classic "Episodic" model (or Shareware, if you'd like), with the first of 3 Episodes out now and available to play for free. A Demo for Episode 2 is also included with the free version of the game. Please consider purchasing the Deluxe version of the game to receive access to the full 2nd and 3rd episodes as soon as they are released.

We will have more to announce regarding our release plans in the near future.

Decades of battling with a degenerative eye condition has left Burt disconnected from reality - but after he is selected to participate in an experimental drug trial, he may finally be getting the help he deserves. Available now.

Burt’s conflicted feelings about guilt and responsibility lead him to seek refuge with a local church. There, he gains a new perspective on the nature of his condition. 

Coming 2019 - Demo Available Now.

Time conquers us all. Coming Early 2020.

Until all 3 Episodes are released, we are considering ViViD Relapse an EARLY-ACCESS title. Content is to be considered in-progress and subject to change during the Early-Access period. We'd appreciate your help in making ViViD Relapse as high-quality of a product as possible; If you'd like to report an issue or compatibility problem, send us an email;


It is important to us that we represent the issues depicted in our game accurately and respectfully. Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any comments, suggestions, or concerns regarding ViViD Relapse. 

1.) Some cut-scenes can only be skipped during sections where text is displayed, and others are not skippable at all. We are actively working on this.

2.) One of the "secret" pieces of unlockable content is not done yet. We'll get that finished up very soon. If you unlock it early, no worries! You'll still be able to access it in a future update.

3.) Distortion effects are very much placeholder on low/EVIL settings, with some effects introducing unintended difficulty when on low. These parameters are currently WIP and will be seeing significant changes as we continue making updates.

Follow us on Twitter for official news and updates: (@wretchworks)

Join our Discord Server if you'd like to say hello: discord.gg/jKSn3aC 

Looking for more ViViD? Play the original 2010 prototype, and other related titles, right here on itch!


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