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Get ready to gorge on a four-course-meal of intense arcade action! WretchWorks presents the inaugural Arcade Pack; an homage to the golden age of arcade games! 4 challenging treats for one low price.

These experiments in coin-op sensibilities all share the same ingredients, but are distinguished with a unique flavor and attitude. Here's what you can expect from each:

  • High-octane arena action! Try your best to survive against the endless onslaughts of mutants, aliens, and otherworldly beings!
  • Numbers (they go up)! Be it score, time, or combos, there's always a higher score to chase. Demise and triumph await!
  • Bizarre sights and sounds! Squishy bacteria, howling spirits, and chattering firearms set an appropriate tone for each of these arcade adventures!


Really Unique Space Shooter - Caught alone in a remote corner of the galaxy; help Captain Scott fend-off hostile alien forces as you collect new weapons and build as high a combo as you possibly can!

Cylor vs. The Endless Legions - Hungry for revenge, Cylor plunges deep into the heart of the Mutant Cat stronghold to end things once and for all. . . or at least die trying. How long can he survive?

Bullet Cell - White blood cells never have it easy; not when their health and ammo are one and the same! Defend the body from invading pathogens and enjoy surreal sounds as you budget your plasma to the very last drop. 

Star Phantom - Battle space-faring ghosts in this 'inverted take' on an arcade classic. Ram into asteroids and harvest their chunks before the Phantoms can, and pray they don't try you as their next meal instead.

We hope you find these offerings both appetizing and entertaining! Be sure to hone those skills, because some day soon you may just see these devilish treats resurface outside the bounds of this collection. 


This release is Windows-only for the time being.  Feel free to let us know if you would like us to bring this collection to Mac, Linux, or any other potential platforms! Please also get in touch if you have any feature requests for future updates or issues with this collection.


Developed by:

  • Nate Wiesel (@NateWiesel): Art, Programming, Design, Sound Design, Initial Prototyping
  • Dustin Wretch (@Dustin_Wretch): Design, Programming, Sound Design, Writing, Initial Prototyping (Star Phantom Only)

With help from:

  • Maeve Wright (@miuyumae): Additional Art and Promotion
  • Mara: Music, Testing
  • Rosey: Design, Testing

Additional resources by:

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Tags2D, Arcade, Endless, Fast-Paced, Pixel Art, Retro, Score Attack, Space, Spooky


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